Creating an Internet safety-aware culture through
Internet Safety Community Training


There is an area of corporate responsibility that is largely neglected, but represents one of the most pressing issues in the world today: the need to teach the underserved public-at-large how to be safe on the Internet.

This neglect exists in spite of the Internet’s largest corporations establishing policies of social responsibility, partnering, and building inclusive communities.

Effective education of the general public in Internet safety is virtually nonexistent. Society has not been taught how to avoid online scams. Internet criminals victimize millions of people every day, knowing they do not know how to defend themselves. To quote H.G. Wells, “Civilization is in a race between education and catastrophe.”


Live classes are the best way to deliver the Internet safety message, targeting a vital issue that responsible corporations and individuals are in a unique position to address.

Internet Safety Group Founder Dave Moore has been providing proven, actionable Internet safety training for over 10 years. Through his free, one-night class, “Fight The Internet Bad Guys & Win,” thousands of everyday Internet users from all backgrounds have been empowered with easy to understand safety methods. “Internet safety training for everyone!”


The Internet Safety Group aims to partner with YOU: responsible corporations and individuals. Together, we can make widely and freely available effective “Internet safety training for everyone” a reality.

You need to see for yourself, though. “Fight The Internet Bad Guys & Win” literally has to be seen to be understood. This is no ordinary, mind-numbing lecture. Dave can travel to your location for an exclusive presentation, or, come see Dave’s exciting, entertaining and sometimes shocking presentation before a live audience for yourself. Look at the faces of the students, listen to their concerns, hear the answers, and then you will grasp the important impact of this class.